You can teach about 2G, 3G, 4G radio networks without the need to explain the business that it’s behind it. Technology experts are far from being involved in the strategies of network operators.

For the IoT, it’s different. The IoT is in the hands of small companies, with disruptive ideas. The IoT is a playground where those who conceive the idea, the business opportunity, can also be or are closely related to the makers, those who make it become reality.

You can’t be an expert of the IoT without knowing how to make business out of it. You can’t have a disruptive and successful idea, without knowing how to build your solution.

True IoT experts are both strategists, and makers.


  • Jony Jellow

    IOT is about open-sourcing access to things to people. Arduino is an open source board that enable IOT development. The old fab cycle development will be disrupted by IOT growth.

  • Davide

    An IoT expert needs to have in its background a lot of trasversal competences. I think that could be useful to introduce a more flexible university system which allow to grasp courses of different nature (economic, engineering, psycology etc.) in order to easily form professional figure such as IoT experts.

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