Yes it does.

Technology is at the core of any IoT solution. Whatever the domain of application (agriculture, smart health, smart cars, etc), the IoT relies on the ability to communicate efficiently, securely and reliably data to/from the Internet, and the power to elaborate it. Radio network technologies, big data and cloud are essential to it.

No, it does not.

There are hundreds new IoT startup every year in Italy. The fundamental building blocks of a startup to make it successful are the team, an innovative idea, and a good business model. Startuppers are trained to hide technology and talk about service. None cares about the technology behind your idea.

A recent survey at European level published by EiT Digital has reported that during 2018 the number of startups that passed the chasm phase and succedded in scaling up (investments above 1 ME) has decreased with respect to the past. Interestingly, those who succeed in the growth towards a sustainable future are the companies offering more innovative services using disruptive technologies.

No, it does not, to survive in the short term. Yes, it does, to grow in the long term.


  • Eduardo

    Can we consider technology as the element from which an IoT application should begin? Of course the team with different kinds of competences is necessary, but why hiring technology and talking about service look so important?

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