The disappearance of Telecommunications and Maslow’s Pyramid.

Seventeen years ago Roberto Saracco wrote a book preconizing the disappearance of telecommunications. According to his vision, our discipline would have soon disappeared, as asphalt did many times before. Who cares about asphalt? It is there. We leave home in the morning, and we find it’s there. Nobody would consider some effort is needed, and maybe innovation processes implemented, to ensure it will be there also tomorrow, possibly better than today. In fact, he was right. Telecommunications soon disappeared. The best measure for that is the attractiveness of telecommunication studies. Students during the past fifteen years overlooked telecommunications studies more and more; in many Countries in Europe (in Italy this is almost dramatic) there are so few students in telecom engineering that companies need to hire young engineers from Asia. Why should they study about asphalt? It is there. The reason stands in the fact that, after the dawn of digital mobile radio communications, thirty years ago, the progress in our discipline...
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